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Thursday, 17 October 2019

Physics quiz|| Physics quiz for class 10


Source of energy quiz

Physics quiz

Hello guys,
In my website, you can find unlimited quizzes for every purpose like job, CBSE tenth exam and for many others. My recent two posts are about Electricity and Magnetic effect of electric current but this post is about Source of energy (from class 10).

My website have quiz on chemistry, Physics, Biology, GK quiz, Current affairs, Space related quiz and lots more to check out.

RULES: Here are 28 questions in which 20 questions are of 2 marks and 7 questions are of 5 marks and Last one is difficult and of 10 marks. After answering all the questions then you want to submit your answer and scroll up and View your score. Try best to do and get the best from you. GOOD LUCK to all of you.

20 Marks- BAD
30 Marks- Average
50 Marks- Good
70 Marks- Very Good
85 Marks- Excellent

In my website, you find quizzes on Chemistry quiz, Physics quiz, Biology quiz, GK quiz, Science quiz, Computer quiz and Lots more to check out.

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Advantages of quiz: Quiz helps you to quick revise your whole concept within very short period of time and saves your too much time and marking system give you remembering advantages like you could remember your mistake for long time and correct them very easily and correct marking gives you the confidence and make you more knowledgeable and ready for any type of exams and tests.


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