This website for crazies who want to test their knowledge in these fields physics,chemistry,GK and lots more to check out and I regularly upload questions for you and you can follow me at Twitter and Instagram to stay updated from my website and email is also a better choice.

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Saturday, 12 October 2019

Physics quiz|| physics quiz for class 10



Physics quiz for class 10
Physics quiz

Here are many quizzes from the class 10 chapter "ELECTRICITY" but this quiz is not only for class 10 but everyone who take part in job and anywhere. This is the part one of the Physics quiz for class 10 and get other also at my website.

My website have quiz for chemistryPhysics, Biology, Math,GK, Current Affairs and Space quiz.

RULES: There are total 28 questions in which 20 questions are in 2 marks category and 7 questions are in 5 marks category and last question is of 10 marks. Try hard to get most number and if you hear low then try again.

20 Marks- Very Bad
30 marks-Bad
70-Very Good

COMMENT please to get what you want and which type of quiz you want. 

In my website ;Science quiz, Computer quiz, Current affairs, GK quiz and a bonus quiz called SPACE QUIZ. In every quizzes I try to find unique and good questions for my viewers because everyone deserves knowledge and their right also.

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Advantages of quiz: why you want to play quiz because this gives you fast revision in very short amount of time and due to point and marking, you remember your mistakes for long time and lots of time saves from quiz and in my channel, quiz are easy and hard but unique and CBSE asked questions. So, you must play this and have fun

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