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Monday, 28 October 2019

Physics quiz for class 10 with answer

Physics quiz

Physics quiz for class 10

Sample based physics questions
Physics quiz for class 10

Hello Guys,

I am back with another quiz from all chapters of Physics for class 10 and I already upload the part-1 and this is the part-2 and I already upload chemistry quizbank in my website. I upload daily questions for you.

My website have quiz for chemistryPhysics, Biology, Math,GK, Current Affairs and Space quiz.

RULES: Here are 28 questions in which 20 questions are of 2 marks and 7 questions are of 5 marks and Last one is difficult and of 10 marks. After answering all the questions then you want to submit your answer and scroll up and View your score. Try best to do and get the best from you. GOOD LUCK to all of you.

20 Marks- BAD
30 Marks- Average
50 Marks- Good
70 Marks- Very Good
85 Marks- Excellent

My website had quizzes on many topics and their keywords are Chemistry quiz, Physics quiz, Biology quiz, GK quiz (Mainly consists of history and geography), Current affairs and a special and my lovable topic called Space quiz. I also upload questions for jobs by the help of my friends and teachers.

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Why you want to play quizzes?
You want to plat quiz because of the main and important benefit of quiz.
1) if you remember something and want to test it right and quickly then quiz is the very good option for you. It can save your precious time and answering without any help make you perfect at that topic and you can remember for too long and my efforts is also give you best and unique quizzes to you master yourself and feel knowledge-full to you.

2) Marking system gives you our score and you can see our false and right and more gives you more confidence and you can do best in exams or anymore.


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